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    Wind Turbine Doctor website

    Wind Turbine Doctor

    The full solution for the long-term follow-up of wind turbines

    Wind turbines contribute significantly to our energy supply, with ever increasing importance. Therefore it is essential that they can be maintained in an optimal condition for as long as possible. This includes a structural focus combined with operational knowledge. The ideal solution for this follow-up is called Wind Turbine Doctor

    InfraLytics website


    Increase safety, increase operational life, reduce maintenance costs

    Civil infrastructure is erected with a long-term focus. Predictions over 25 years or more are however difficult to make with high accuracy. A dedicated, sensor-based follow-up allows the owner / operator to significantly de-risk the operational life of structures such as bridges, tunnels, roads, dams... : InfraLytics

  • Approach

    Asset management requires mastering all essential components


    Sensor selection and monitoring scheme

    Deriving valuable insights from a monitoring system starts with defining the phenomena to follow, selecting the right sensors and measurement conditions. These are all integrated in an intelligent framework.

    Installation & Commissioning

    From concept to reality

    Plans are translated into reality during the second phase: cabinets are built, the full system is tested and subsequently installed on the structure. After a final verification on the spot (SAT) the monitoring system is launched.


    Turning data into knowledge

    Data is continuously streaming in from individual setups as well as external sources. Structuring and cleaning the data sets is an essential prerequisite to allow for a profound analysis afterwards.

    Analysis &

    From numbers to insights

    The story behind the data is unveiled using algorithms based on physics as well as big data approaches. By using dashboards and sending out periodic reports, the owner or operator is informed about the present state. Moreover, proposals of calls to action and quantifications of risk factors are shared.

  • Technology

    How do we do things?


    Data acquisition starts here

    In its monitoring solutions Zensor uses both off-the-shelf sensors (accelerations, deformations, temperatures, displacements, dissolved species...) as well as in-house developed sensor types (PermaZen for corrosion activity of immersed and underground structures and IntegriZen, an in-situ sensor for the follow-up of concrete integrity).

    Data Management

    To cloud or not to cloud...

    We put an emphasis on the importance of the integrity of the data and robustness of the data stream. Maintenance of individual units can be remote controlled, avoiding the need for physical intervention. Regarding data management Zensor can accommodate specific customer needs. The data management system can run on a cloud-based system as well as on dedicated hardware hosted at the customer's premises.


    Not just 'Big Data'

    Industrial infrastructure and installations are often great engineering achievements. They result in complex interactions between components and materials and their behaviour. A simple trending of temperatures or binning of conditions will not result in a level of understanding that can bring real added value. That is why a thorough understanding of materials science, dynamics and chemistry translated into robust algorithms is required to identify, explain and predict the behaviour of the structure.

  • Industries

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    Infrastructure Analytics Offshore Wind Turbines

    Wind Energy

    Efficient Power

    Make higher revenues possible through higher availability, better risk management and lifetime extension.

    infrastructure analytics old and new bridge


    Getting smarter

    Detect degradation before it becomes damage, avoid inspections and reduce maintenance costs with BIM lifecycle management.

    Infrastructure Analytics Petrochemistry


    Prevent standstill

    Prevent leaks and collapse through continuous follow-up using intelligent sensors and dedicated algorithms.

    Infrastructure Analytics Tidal & Wave

    Tidal & Wave


    Continuously keep track of the state of health, from remote.

    Infrastructure Analytics Oil & Gas

    Oil & Gas

    Get Control​

    Provide lifetime extension based on the real condition of your structures.

    Infrastructure Analytics Service Stations

    Petrol Stations

    Master your assets

    Prevent environmental damage and increase margins by adding an intelligent monitoring layer to your management and maintenance approach.

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  • Awards

    Zensor gets noticed!

    MIT Innovators Under 35

    MIT Technology Review, Belgium, 2015

    Zensor was awarded the Innovator Under 35 recognition in 2015 during an award ceremony in Brussels.

    Rising Star of the Blue Economy

    European Commission, Hamburg, Germany, 2016

    Zensor was elected as the Rising Star of the Blue Economy by the European Commission in 2016 (DG Maritime). This award supports Zensor's innovative offering for the offshore wind as well as wave and tidal industries.

    Deloitte Rising Star

    Most Disruptive Innovator, Rising Star, Belgium, 2017

    After pitching for a jury of top class investors and industry professionals Zensor was elected the Most Disruptive Innovator amongst the Rising Star candidates. A great recognition for the disruptive character of the company's offering combining IoT, advanced data analytics and pure physics.

    Innoviris Rise

    Award and associated grant for a strategic innovation plan

    Innovation is in Zensor's blood. In January 2018 the company was awarded the Rise award by the Brussels Research agency. The associated funds will be used to bring additional products to the market to revolutionise your infrastructure management.

    Pulse Foundation BeYond

    Support program for international expansion

    In April 2018 Zensor go selected for the BeYond program of the Pulse Foundation. Thi program aims at closely following and supporting the top Belgian scale-ups into becoming international players. As they state themselves on their website: “BEyond takes the challenge of helping Belgium’s most promising scale-ups become world champions in their sector.

    Top entrepreneurs challenge young entrepreneurs and help them accelerate their international development."


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