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Offshore Wind Executive Summit

August 9th - 10th Houston, TX , USA

· Offshore Wind,IoT,sensor monitoring

In the past number of years a lot of experience regarding Offshore Wind was built up in Europe. In the last few months the offshore wind sector is also picking up a lot of pace over in the US. In order for it to become a success it will be essential to set up a local supply chain, but also to benefit as much as possible from the learnings from activities in European waters. On August 9th to 10th the "Offshore Wind executive Summit" will be taking place in Houston, TX (USA). It will bring together a high number of pioneering companies with the intention to expand their activities in this promising sector of renewable energy production. At the Event Zensor CEO Yves Van Ingelgem will contribute a number of the findings derived from extensive integrity monitoring of support structures. Combining sensor-based remote monitoring with dedicated analysis algorithms for follow-up will enable owners/operators to engage in optimal asset management for the entire operational life of the farm.

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