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Digital Construction 2017, Brussels

11-12 October, Wild Gallery (Vorst)

· Digital Construction,Smart Buildings,Infrastracture,BIM,Infra 4

The Digital Revolution in Construction has reached Belgium!

The first edition of the Digital Construction Brussels fair is organised by the Confederatie Bouw and the Wetenschappelijk en Technisch Centrum voor het Bouwbedrijf (WTCB). During the two days of 11-12 October, various companies such as Zensor will share their technologies that can change the construction game.

Meet us there at booth 60.

Contact us if you need any help with getting tickets! Just let us know and we can hook you up.

Sensor-monitoring is the fitting solution to have valuable insights into the structure’s health condition. Consequently, by maintaining an optimal health management you are reducing your carbon footprint thus working towards a sustainable industry.

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