• The Project

    What is the setup all about?

    The goal of this study is to evaluate the Mobizen technology for the inspection of pipe sections that are located in casings. The laboratory setup is composed of four pipes in different conditions. In addition to the measurement of the corrosion activity of the pipe itself, more than 50 other sensors are installed.

    Combining temperature, humidity, pH and ground potentials provides a better insight in the corrosion phenomena.

    The Technology

    What are we trying to solve and how?

    The working principle of Mobizen is based on the analysis of an electrochemical signal. Mathematical algorithms detect slight changes in corrosion activity of the outer surface of the connected pipe. This is especially crucial for pipe-segments that are difficult to inspect like pipes that are buried in casings.

  • Partners

    "JIP transporteurs" is the funding workgroup behind the project

  • Realisation of the project

    Project execution

    Project location

    Poeierstraat 14,

    2490 Balen


    Installation works

    Plus Bruine Kolk 42
    2490 Balen

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