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    Sales Wizard

    Within Zensor’s sales team your are responsible for marketing our innovative products to our desired clientele. This means that you will be frequently staying in touch with our industrial clients in order to find the perfect method of working that is the most fruitful for them. You have an eye for identifying the right customers for us, you are not shy at all for reaching out to them and you are capable of working close together with our technical team. You + them will eventually realise the mutual goal based on our technical know-how.


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    Internship Marketing

    As an expanding company Zensor is constantly communicating with the outside world. We aspire bringing a drastical change to our world: increasing sustainability through longer and more efficient use of our structures and installations. This represents a revolution in how it is done today: combining IoT with Big Data and Physics to bring long-term value. Spreading this message indeed requires clear an visionary communication. To assist us in this process we are looking for an additional Zengirl / Zenboy that is not afraid to change the world by spreading the word.


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