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    Roadside Service Station Monitoring

    A fuel station is packed with technology and potentially dangerous goods, making it a challenge to manage; especially a chain of stations, often with individual differences. Roadside petrol stations are distributed all over the country. Cars, trucks and other motor vehicles pass by at regular basis to fuel up and make use of additional services available.


    As a result these locations permanently have a stock of significant amounts of hydrocarbons. Leaks in storage tanks, but also unforeseen events during fueling or delivery may result in hydrocarbons (short for fuel and oil like substances) to end up in the soil or on the station floor. Subsequently the contamination will spread further in the soil or spread in the sewer system.


    Optimally manage all measures

    Environmental damage is the nightmare of every roadside service station operator. If fuel or oil gets released in an uncontrolled manner, it will not only result in contamination of soil and/or water, but it will also result in significant cleanup costs and disturbed operations. Zensor provides a monitoring-based tool to optimally manage all measures to prevent this contamination.


    The automated and continuous follow-up of all measures implemented on a service station can help to prevent issues such as: double-walled tanks, cathodic protection, separate collection of water, fraud, theft, contamination probes... This allows for an optimal form of risk reduction.


    Often a chain of roadside stations consists of entities of different generations or technologies, all generating data contained in one or another closed system, making their management even more complicated. An additional layer of data management is required to harmonise all these different sources into a single decision making unit. For this reason advanced maintenance planning is possible based on automated and farm-wide reporting.


    It takes one tool to do the job

    The service offered by Zensor is not limited to safety-critical issues. An integrated solution including fuel tank levels, related sales, startup messages, test reports and delivery volumes can be continuously monitored and displayed through the same user interface. The same goes for temperatures in air-conditioned areas, and cooler units containing perishable goods such as food and beverages. Different generations of infrastructure can be combined in one single reporting tool.


    As a result all stakeholders in the organisation (helpdesk, engineers, management...) have a continuous view on all parameters critical to operations and safety, including relevant statistics. This results in reduced workloads, improved auditing and risk reduction all over the organisation.

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