• Petrochemistry

    Maximize efficiency through optimized uptime

    Chemical and Petrochemical Sites

    Essential shackles in the production process deserve proper follow-up

    Owners of a chemical site master the production efficiency as no other does. The operators and managers can squeeze a maximum of products from the reagents delivered to the site. The surrounding infrastructure however is increasingly becoming a source of concern. The majority of the installations has reached a considerable age, sometimes even exceeding the initial design life. An upgrade or revamp would require much more time than the annual standstill and would therefore result in a significant production, thus revenue loss. An even more dramatic situation would be an unforeseen collapse or leak in a part of the structure, resulting in a sudden stop and the elevated costs related to an emergency repair.


    Make repairs more efficient

    In an ideal situation the structural integrity of vessels, support beams... is under continuous scrutiny. This can be realised by equipping the structures with a combination of deliberately chosen sensors, coupled with a continuous readout and interpretation. Material loss, failure of liners or fatigue damage can be detected in an early stage such that emergency stops can be avoided and repairs can be prepared in a much more efficient way.

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