• Infrastructure

    Built to last, but you'd better keep an eye on them...

    Large infrastructure

    Follow-up to reduce maintenance costs

    Zensor provides dedicated, multi-parameter monitoring solutions for continuously assessing the integrity of large civil infrastructures. Based on a combination of dedicated sensors, the monitoring solutions can identify damage at an early stage and we subsequently can propose appropriate repair options. Using the same setup, the efficiency of these measures can be tracked as well. This leads ultimately to Smart Structures.


    The long-term follow-up of integrity and early detection of damage is of particular interest in so-called DBFM (Design, Build, Finance and Maintain) projects, but also is very relevant in the context of Smart Cities. Planned maintenance and risk reduction will lead to lower operational costs and reduced downtimes, thus reduced fees.


    Depending on the individual structure the concepts to be followed are:

    • Dynamic behaviour

    • Corrosion and cathodic protection

    • Crack growth in steel members

    • Concrete integrity

    Smart Structures

    Monitoring as a Service (MaaS)

    Completely integrated monitoring solutions render your high-quality structural elements into intelligent structures.


    To achieve this the elements are equipped with the required sensing components at the production site. The associated continuous monitoring systems are activated once the element has been integrated in the complete structure. It provides live insights on the structural health of the element, creating a transparent view on its condition and structural integrity.


    Furthermore, integrated sensors can provide new insights on relevant parameters of the environment the structure is operating in, such as temperature, humidity, displacements, vibrations,...


    Enhance your product portfolio with intelligent structures while you can keep your focus on your core business.

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