• About Us


    Zensor envisions a world where man-made structures affect the sustainability of our planet in the least possible way:

    • They are intrinsically safe.

    • Their useful life is optimized to the maximum.

    • Their impact on environment and society is quantified and communicated.


    Translate technological innovations in monitoring and analysis into tangible and relevant information that we share in the way tailored for management, or maintenance, or investment decisions… As such we are the knowledgeable companion for owners and operators in making their structures increasingly safe, efficient and sustainable. If up to us, till eternity.

  • What we do

    "Our 'engineers in a box' continuously watch over your installations, send out alarms when things tend to go wrong and provide periodic reports indicating the present state and what preventive repair is required: the ultimate tool for risk reduction and maintenance optimisation!"



    Established in 2013 as a spin-off from the Brussels university VUB, Zensor quickly became acknowledged for its innovative technology to accurately detect corrosion activity on offshore wind turbine foundations. By combining the initial experiences with its profound material expertise and data analysis knowledge, Zensor has become a one-stop-shop for monitoring industry assets. Today, Zensor serves SME's and enterprises in verticals like renewables, civil infrastructure, oil & gas and pipelines. Through sensor-driven data collection and analysis, Zensor allows safe and cost-effective monitoring of your assets, providing real-time business intelligence.


    With a strong network including universities, research institutes, certification bodies, industrial partners and application clusters, Zensor is determined to offer the best possible end solution for your asset monitoring.

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